Is It Good To Be A Celebrity?

Is It Good To Be A Celebrity?

Whenever you think concerning the word "celebrity", you think about fame. While you think about the word "celebrity", you think about wealth. Whenever you think of the word "celebrity", you think of picking up. So do you really think celebrity is such a great thing? All of us sometimes think that. We wish to be well-known and well-known all around the world, to be rich and by no means fear about money. But that's life which is rarely simple to everyone. There are always something go along with celebrity such things as the lack of privacy, the loneliness and the exhaustion and some other thing like that. So is it really good to be a celebrity?

There's a good number of advantages of being a celebrity:

The greatest advantage of being famous is that celebrities are usually very rich so that they have simpler life than other people. They live in stunning houses which have housekeepers, securities, cooks and other servants. They do not have to fret about paying payments, can affort one of the best clothes and drive a luxury car. What's more, they spend their holidays in expensive resorts, get the best hotel rooms and one of the best service. Some words like "cheap", "sales", "too costly" by no means appear in a celebrity's dictionary. For example, the slogan "Save money throughout these difficult economy times" is sort of not valuable for Victoria Beckham. She told the media: "Buying a whole lot of stuff is the way to renew my way of life". No remark!!!

Secondly, if you end up famous, your name is known by everyone. Then, you are invited to the best parties and meet different celebrities. Your fans send you presents and letters to let you know how much they love you. Additionalmore, celebrities can have a brand product without paying cash because some designer will send it to them for advertising or promotion. A well-known person receive first-class service wherever they go, reminiscent of they don't need to line up once they go to look at films or see a concert. It is really amazing for unusual people.

And final however not least, also very attention-grabbing, celebrities can simply pickup different celebrities or different person, especially one night stand. I think Paris Hilton can totally agree with me on that one!

Nevertheless, everything on this planet has two sides. Being well-known has as disadvantages as advantages.

The biggest problem for well-known folks is the media which can either make them or break them. They definitely can let you down. Just ask Birtney Spears. Celebrities seldom have privacy and infrequently need to exit in public wearing disguise in order that they won't be recognized. They're hounded by the paparazzi who attempt to photograph them all the time. In addition they have to notice their appearance and be mild and polite everywhere and anytime. And if they do something improper, everybody get to know it immediately. Typically the magazine and newspaper write gossip and do not inform true about well-known particular person, what might be very sadly for them.

The following thing is stress. The more they get and succeed the more they're expected by their fans to achieve. This is a large obsession for them. Therefore, it is very simple to see that celebrities who cannot resolve their problem usually abuse alcohol or drugs. In different words, the celebrity can destroy a person very easily. We just think about Michael Jackson or Diego Maradona to achieve experience.

Celebrities also never make certain if their mates and fans like them for who they are or for his or her money. Celebrities find it hard to trust somebody as a real friend. Although they are rich, they nonetheless really feel lonely sometimes. Cash would not bring happiness.

In conclusion, celebrity could also be good but not an easy thing to live with. You may have a lot of money however you still really feel so lonely and not safe. Your name is known by everyone but stress allows you to down. You have everything which ordinary individuals haven't got but you possibly can't do everything which they'll do because of the media, especially the paparazzi. So, is it good to be a celebrity? Well, I appear it depends upon the person. There are some people who are well-known and lead regular, calm life without any critical problems. For me, it is the secret of the happiness.

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